7th February

Went out on patrol to W6K today, we went back to C45, looking for a scrap after the other day. Nothing happened whilst we were there so we dog legged around the compound and out in to some ground the ‘POP POP POP POP’, contact in the open mega! We peeled to the nearest cover 100m away, like a peel of death it was gopping, but we all made an alleyway somehow, and we smashed that firing position and it was hideous. UGL’s, 5.56, 7.62 link, 7.62 green spot and a 66 LASAM, it was scorched earth, if that bloke was still alive……fuck knows how he could be after that. After around 45mins in contact with 1 Taliban dead, 2 Taliban dicker dead we were taking accurate single shot fire again, and we couldn’t PID a position, so Jim called in the 105’s.

After 4 round’s HE, which went somewhere, I don’t know I was not near to hear where, we smoked the open ground and tabbed in back to Qudrat. A lot more different and new call signs are popping up on the i-com now, it’s not just Hezbollah that we have got to fight now.

This is getting me down now, we have been contacted every day since G got shot on the 17th…….18th? No 17th just checked, bullshit, bullshit stag’s, bullshit. Still only a couple more months to ‘Reg Out’, then home.