25th February

Well that’s it for me I’m fucking going home! And I don’t want to, I sat with T the other night and explained to him what’s happened to me and how I feel, but he just said ‘go home and get sorted, you’re not jacking on any of us, you need to get fixed mate’, I just cried as this is not how I wanted my tour to end at all, with a fucking shit ear! I’ve got no tempanic membrane before my eardrum and a ruptured ear drum so I’ll be lucky if I hear again, but that’s by the by with everything that’s happened.
I mean there was a time a month ago when I didn’t see myself getting out this place alive, things were that bad I couldn’t see an end to the constant contacts, I’m just praying that for the lads at CP Qudrat that they are all safe, I want to see you all back in Colly.